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Account Facilities

We pride ourselves on the service provided to all our customers, but more especially to our account customers to whom we give priority service. Mini cabs are used mainly for the transportation of people but for a small additional charge we can deliver small unaccompanied parcels and letters.


By opening an account with Cedar Cars (Ascot) Ltd you can be assured that you and your staff will be safe and secure. You will receive a fully itemised monthly invoice detailing:

  • The time and date of journey
  • Destination
  • The name of passenger
  • The charge incurred
  • No longer will you require to be concerned with petty cash vouchers and unreadable torn, dirty receipts for taxi journeys.

By opening an account with Cedar Cars (Ascot) Ltd you will be engaging the services of a company that cares for it’s customers and has many years of experience in the industry. To apply for an account fill out the form below:

Please Note: Account terms are 30 days net: All accounts are subject to an administration charge.
  • Company

  • Contact Details

  • Monthly Credit Amount